C1 announces The Interrobangers

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Free with Pay-What-You-Want tickets

Company One Theatre (C1) announces the world premiere of The Interrobangers by M Sloth Levine, directed by Josh Glenn-Kayden, and produced in partnership with the Boston Public Library and The Theater Offensive.

Performance are January 26 through February 24 at Rabb Hall, Central Library in Copley Square (700 Boylston Street, Boston). Tickets are available now at companyone.org. As part of C1's ongoing commitment to uplifting Public Art for Public Good, all performances are free with Pay-What-You-Want tickets.

The Interrobangers follows Zodiac, Hank, Luna, and Dani: four groovy teens searching through the woods for the Foggy Bluffs Monster. Along the way, they uncover their town's darkest secrets, explore their queerness, and rebuild old friendships that have lain dormant since Zodiac disappeared five years ago.

Inspired by the nostalgia of shows like Stranger Things, Scooby Doo, The X-Files, and more, this witty world is fleshed out with cryptids, conspiracies, and a lovable dog in the form of a puppet. By producing The Interrobangers, C1 amplifies queer and trans youth coming into their own— finding community & family, supporting each other even when they don't have all the answers.

"Working with C1 to produce The Interrobangers has been a dream come true," says Levine, an alum of C1's PlayLab Circuit. "I wrote this play to give queer youth the space they deserve, to allow us time to reconcile with the ambiguity of nostalgia and identity. I want people to come out of the theater excited and curious about their own potential and the potential of the world around them. I can't think of a better company than C1 to realize this vision and make sure The Interrobangers is seen by those who will be the most impacted by its message."

"Putting on a play like The Interrobangers in a space like the Boston Public Library just feels so right," says Glenn-Kayden. "In a time where queer people all over the world are being legislated out of public spaces, it's vital to uplift these communities onstage, backstage, in our audiences, and in our neighborhoods. And the BPL has been supporting the LGBTQ+ community through events, book lists, and resources for years, so it's a fitting partnership."

The Interrobangers is the beginning of a new three-year residency at the Boston Public Library, where C1 has been producing shows since Jiehae Park's peerless in 2017. As with previous BPL productions of Hansol Jung's Wolf Play and Inda Craig-Galván's Black Super Hero Magic Mama, C1 is uplifting the work of local community organizations like The Theater Offensive, BAGLY, Massachusetts Commission on LGBTQ+ Youth, and more. C1 will also collaborate with the BPL and other partners on the event series Branch Out with C1, featuring local community gatherings across the city.

More information and tickets at www.companyone.org